The world is constantly changing...

How to best adapt to these circumstances to protect your business from any liabilities?

Personalized and trustworthy legal services for a fixed monthly fee just for your business' needs

What should a company do to make sure it is being protected from uncontrollable liabilities?

Usually you have 2 options:

To hire a lawyer:

  • To hire a stand-alone lawyer will cost at least EUR 2000/month 
  • It's possible that this person is not an expert in the necessary fields 
  • He/she could also get sick, go on a vacation, etc.

To sign a contract with a legal office:

  • Usually, they are paid by hour
  • Expenses are too high and out of control, to be able to afford it on a daily basis
  • Legal services are used only when there are serious problems or risks
  • The temporarily contracted legal office will respond to the questions asked, but it won't see the big picture of the company

We offer a much better solution!

Pay a fixed retainer fee for legal services

How does it work?

  1. The potential client goes through a legal examination and, if necessary, its current contracts are edited or new ones created
  2. We meet with the client, the results are reported and a proposal for potential collaboration is made
  3. Upon signing an agreement, the necessary documents are revised with one of our lawyers, making sure that they're all being controlled. If necessary, our lawyers will participate in negotiations and revision of documents with the opposite side

Why should you work with us?

Predictable monthly fee

You won't have to worry anymore how much you have to pay legal services each month

Personal approach

We make sure that your company is provided with the necessary legal services for its needs by giving you access to experts in various fields.

More than 25 years of experience

Our experienced lawyers will make sure that your business is in safe hands.

Constant collaboration

Legal help is constantly provided and risks are mitigated before they have started to threaten your company.

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